Microsoft’s Intelligent Security Association Is Incredible – Chuck Leaver

Written By David Shefter And Presented By Chuck Leaver


It’s a great strategy: Microsoft has actually produced a system for third party security businesses, like Ziften, to cooperate to better secure our clients. Everyone wins with the brand-new Microsoft Intelligent Security Association, announced very recently – and we delighted to be an establishing member and included in the launch. Congratulations to Microsoft!

Sharing of Security Intelligence

Among the most exciting tasks coming out of Microsoft has been the new Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph, a danger intelligence engine developed with machine learning. The Intelligent Security Graph forms the foundation of the new association – and the structure of a great deal of brand-new chances for development.

As Microsoft states, “At the present time, with the enormous computing advantages presented by the cloud, the Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence is finding brand-new ways to utilize its rich analytics engines and by using a combination of automated and manual procedures, artificial intelligence and human specialists, we have the ability to produce a smart security graph that learns from itself and progresses in real-time, lowering our cumulative time to spot and respond to brand-new incidents.”

The requirement for much better, more intelligent, security is substantial, and that’s why we’re excited to be a founding member of the new association.

As Microsoft’s Brad Anderson, Microsoft Corporate Vice President, Enterprise Mobility + Security, recently wrote, “Approximately 96 percent of all malware is polymorphic – meaning that it is only experienced by a single user and device before being changed with yet another malware variation. This is because in many cases malware is caught nearly as fast as it’s produced, so malware creators constantly progress to attempt and stay ahead. Data like this reinforces how crucial it is to have security options in place that are as nimble and innovative as the attacks.”

Advanced Endpoint Detection and Response

And that brings us to the kind of advanced endpoint detection and response (EDR) that Ziften provides to desktops, servers, and cloud assets – giving the organization special continuous visibility and control for any asset, anywhere. No one offers the functionality you’ll find in Ziften’s Zenith security platform.

That’s where the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association shines. At the end of the day, even the very best defenses may be breached, and security teams need to respond quicker and more aggressively to guarantee the security of their data and systems.

Ziften and Microsoft are providing completely integrated risk security that covers customers’ endpoints – meaning customer devices, servers, and the cloud – with a foundation of shared intelligence and the power of the cloud to transform tracking of business systems.

What Microsoft is Stating

“The Intelligent Security Association enhances cooperation from leading sources to secure customers,” said Microsoft. “Having currently achieved strong client momentum with our integrated Ziften and Microsoft Windows Defender ATP option, customers stand to additionally benefit from continued partnership.”

What’s more, “Continued integration and intelligence sharing within the context of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph enables joint clients to quicker and properly spot, investigate and respond to attacks throughout their whole endpoint and cloud base.”

What Ziften is Saying

Chuck Leaver, Ziften CEO, is informing everyone that our founding membership in the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association is a huge win for our joint clients and potential customers – and it brings together everyone in the Microsoft world and beyond (note that Ziften’s Mac and Linux products are likewise part of the Microsoft collaboration). “As security vendors, all of us acknowledge the requirement to work together and collaborate to secure our customers and their workers. Kudos to Microsoft for pioneering this industry effort,” Chuck stated.

The result: Better security for our customers, and tighter integration and more development in the market. It’s a real win for everyone. Apart from the hackers, of course. They will lose. No apologies people.

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