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These Are The Top 5 Suspect User Endpoint Activities That You Need To Watch For – Chuck Leaver

Written By Dr Al Hartmann And Presented By Ziften CEO Chuck Leaver Traditional security software applications are unlikely to spot attacks that are targeted to a specific company. The attack code will most likely be remixed to avert known malware signatures, while fresh command and control infrastructure will be stood up to avert recognized blacklisted […] Continue reading →

Get Your Gartner SOC Nuclear Triad By Putting Your Trust In Ziften – Chuck Leaver

Written By Dr Al Hartmann And Presented By Chuck Leaver Ziften CEO   Anton Chuvakin, VP and security analyst at Gartner Research posted about the 3 essential Security Operations Center (SOC) tools needed to supply efficient cyber attack visibility. Chuvakin compared them to the cold war’s “nuclear triad” principle of siloed, air-borne, and nuclear submarine […] Continue reading →

Sifting Through The Negatives To Find The Positives In The Cisco 2015 Midyear Security Report – Chuck Leaver

Written By Michael Bunyard And Presented By Ziften CEO Chuck Leaver Having a look through the Cisco 2015 Midyear Security Report, the consensus was that “the bad guys are innovating faster than the security community.” This is not an unique declaration and can be found in a great deal of cyber security reports, due to […] Continue reading →