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Chuck Leaver – Data Breach Laws Getting Tougher So Avoid Cyber Attacks With Enhanced Security Measures

Chuck Leaver Ziften CEO writes The majority of organizations require no reminder that the risk of a cyber attack is very genuine and could do some major damage to them; work is going on with the lawmakers to develop data breach notification laws that are more thorough. This underlines the fact that organizations really have to […] Continue reading →

More Cases Of Identity Fraud And Malware Infestations Means It Is Time To Protect Your Infrastructure – Chuck Leaver

This post written by Chuck Leaver, Chief Executive Officer Ziften Technologies. In a report it was revealed that breaches of consumer data implies that there are increasingly more identity thefts being carried out these days. This is really worrying for everyone. The report was performed by the National Consumers League and it exposes that in […] Continue reading →