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Written By Chuck Leaver CEO Ziften

If you remain in doubt about malware risks increasing then please read the rest of this post. Over the past couple of years there have actually been a number of cyber security research studies that have actually divulged that there are millions of new malware threats being produced every year. With limited security resources to manage the variety of malware dangers this is a real concern. All organizations need to look closely at their cyber security processes and search for areas of improvement to address this real danger to data security.

Not all malware is similar. A few of the malware strains are more destructive than others, and security personnel need to understand the malware risks that can inflict real damage on their organization. It was observed that some malware could be classified as more annoying than threatening according to George Tubin who is a security intelligence contributor. Yes they can inflict problems with the performance of computers and require elimination by tech support personnel, however they will not cause the exact same level of issues as the malware that affected Target and Sony with their cyber attacks.

Advanced malware attacks must be the focus of security teams explained Tubin. These destructive strains, which are little in number compared with typical malware strains, can trigger substantial damage if they are permitted to penetrate an organization’s network.

Tubin stated “since many malware detection software is created to find basic, recognized malware – and since basic, known malware represents the large bulk of enterprise malware – most companies wrongly believe they are finding and eliminating virtually all malware hazards.” “This is exactly what the sophisticated malware hackers desire them to believe. While numerous companies are satisfied with their malware detection stats, this little sliver of sophisticated malware goes undiscovered and stays in position to trigger terrible damage.”

The Integrity Of Data Is Under Extreme Risk From Sophisticated Malware

There are zero day malware risks, and these can infiltrate the defenses at the border of the network without being detected and can stay active within the network for months without being seen. This means that cyber wrongdoers have a great deal of time to get to sensitive data and take important information. To fight against sophisticated malware and keep the organization environment secure, security workers must install advanced endpoint threat detection and response systems.

It is essential that companies can monitor all of their endpoints and guarantee that they can identify malware threats fast and remove the danger. Cyber crooks have a number of alternatives to take advantage of when they target an organization, and this is a lot more of an issue as organizations become more intricate. Individual laptops can be a genuine gateway for cyber lawbreakers to infiltrate the network explains Tubin. When a laptop computer connects to a point that is unsecure beyond the environment, there is a good chance that it can be jeopardized.

This is a genuine factor underlining why security teams need to honestly assess where the greatest weaknesses are and take corrective action to repair the problem. Endpoint security systems that constantly monitor endpoints can supply enormous benefits to companies who are concerned about their network defenses. At the end of the day, an organization should implement cyber security procedures that match their requirements and resources.




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