Webinar Will Show You How You Can Easily Extend Visibility Down To The Endpoint – Chuck Leaver

Written By Josh Applebaum And Presented By Chuck Leaver CEO Ziften Technologies     These days security risks and attack vectors are continuously progressing, and organizations have to be more alert when it comes to monitoring their network infrastructure. The boundary of the network and the infrastructure security are often challenged because of no visibility […] Continue reading →

8 Principles For The Month Long OMB Cyber Security Sprint And Here Are The 8 Keys – Chuck Leaver

Written By Dr Al Hartmann And Presented By Chuck Leaver Ziften CEO After suffering a huge data breach at the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), agencies were commissioned by Tony Scott, Federal Chief Information Officer, to take immediate and particular actions over the next 4 weeks to additionally improve the security of their data […] Continue reading →

With Data Breach Costs Up You Will Be Quite Surprised What The Third Reason Is For This – Chuck Leaver

Written by Patrick Kilgore presented by Chuck Leaver CEO Ziften. Recently 2 major reports were published that celebrated large anniversaries. On the one hand, we saw the Mary Meeker 20th yearly Internet research study. Some of the original industry analysis on the Internet was led by Meeker many years earlier and this report saw her […] Continue reading →

Chuck Leaver – Organizations Are Increasing Their Risk Of Data Loss Through BYOD Passwords And Employee Sharing

Written By Ziften Technologies CEO Chuck Leaver If your organization has actually implemented a bring your own device (BYOD) policy then you will be putting yourself at increased risk of cyber criminal activity and the loss of your data, since the devices will generally have inadequate control and endpoint security in place. With mobile phones, […] Continue reading →

Organizations Must Pursue Data Loss Prevention Strategies Because Data Breaches Are On The Rise

By Ziften CEO Chuck Leaver For US businesses the incident of a major cyber attack and substantial data leak is looking more like “when” instead of “if”, because of the new risks that are presenting themselves with fragmented endpoint strategies, cloud computing and data extensive applications. All too frequently companies are ignoring or improperly dealing […] Continue reading →

Endpoints Are Becoming The Channel Of Choice For Widespread Malicious Cyber Attacks – Chuck Leaver

From The Desk Of Chuck Leaver CEO Ziften Technologies With the introduction of bring your own device (BYOD) methods and cloud computing the securing of particular endpoints has become more difficult, as administrators could be making ease of data access a priority over security. The risks are there however, since most of the present generation […] Continue reading →

Without The Right Defenses There Is No Immunity From Cyber Attacks But Two Thirds Of Organizations Think They Are OK – Chuck Leaver

By Chuck Leaver Ziften Technologies CEO   A large number of companies have the belief that there is no requirement for them to pursue assiduous data loss avoidance, they regard cyber attacks as either very unlikely to happen or have minimal financial effect if they do happen. There is an increase in the recorded cases […] Continue reading →