Female Cybersecurity Experts Required And More Girl Scout Badges – Chuck Leaver

Written By Kim Foster And Presented By Chuck Leaver   It’s obvious that cybersecurity is getting more international attention than ever before, and businesses are rightfully worried if they are training sufficient security professionals to satisfy growing security threats. While this concern is felt throughout the business world, many did not expect Girl Scouts to […] Continue reading →

We Must Work Together In The Security Industry For Everybody’s Sake – Chuck Leaver

Written By Chuck Leaver   Nobody can solve cybersecurity alone. No single product company, no single service provider, nobody can tackle the whole thing. To take on security needs cooperation between various companies. Often, those players are at various levels of the service stack – some install on endpoints, some within applications, others within network […] Continue reading →

Protect Yourself From Spectre And Meltdown With Ziften’s Help – Chuck Leaver

Written By Josh Harriman And Presented By Chuck Leaver   Ziften understands the current exploits impacting practically everybody who deals with a computer system or digital device. While this is a large statement, we at Ziften are working diligently helping our clients find susceptible assets, fixing those vulnerable systems, and monitoring systems after the repair […] Continue reading →

The Importance Of SysSecOps For Your Organization – Chuck Leaver

Written By Alan Zeichick And Presented By Chuck Leaver   SysSecOps. That’s a new term, still unseen by numerous IT and security administrators – however it’s being discussed within the market, by experts, and at technical conferences. SysSecOps, or Systems & Security Operations, refers to the practice of uniting security teams and IT operations teams […] Continue reading →

Use These 4 Steps To Mange Ransomware And Prevent It – Chuck Leaver

Written By Alan Zeichick And Presented By Chuck Leaver   Ransomware is genuine, and is striking people, organisations, schools, medical facilities, local governments – and there’s no sign that ransomware is stopping. In fact, it’s probably increasing. Why? Let’s be honest: Ransomware is probably the single most reliable attack that cyber criminals have ever developed. […] Continue reading →

We Have Teamed Up With Microsoft To Enhance Your Security – Chuck Leaver

Written By David Shefter And Presented By Chuck Leaver   Recently we announced a cooperation with Microsoft that brings together Ziften’s Zenith ® systems and security operations platform, and Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) delivering a cloud-based, “single pane of glass” to spot, view, investigate, and respond to innovative cyber attacks and breaches on […] Continue reading →