Did You Know That Extraneous Software Can Cause An Additional Security Problem? – Chuck Leaver

Written By Dr Al Hartmann And Presented By Chuck Leaver CEO Ziften



The truth about the PC ecosystem is such that extraneous procedures are all over and go into enterprise PC’s by every ploy possible. Leading software ISVs and hardware OEMs and IHVs have no ethical qualms with burdening enterprise PCs with unnecessary and undesirable software applications if they can grab a few royalty dollars on the side at your expense. This one flew up on my screen only this morning as I dealt with the recent headline-making Java security vulnerabilities.

Here is the background – zero-day vulnerabilities were discovered just recently in Java, an essential software component in lots of enterprise applications. Department of Homeland Security experts recommended shutting off Java entirely, but that cuts off Java enterprise apps.

The alternative for where Java is essential (within lots of enterprises) is to upgrade Java, an Oracle software, to acquire a minimum of the current partial software patches from Oracle. However Oracle defaults setup of unwanted extraneous software through the Ask Toolbar, which many security-conscious but naïve users will assume is practical given the Oracle suggestion (and golly gee it’s FREE), even though browser add-ons are an infamous security danger.

Only Ziften combines security consciousness with extraneous process recognition and remediation capabilities to help enterprises boost both their security and their performance-driving operating performance Do not go for half-measures that neglect extraneous procedures proliferating across your business client landscape – utilize Ziften to acquire visibility and control over your endpoint population.

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