Ziften Endpoint Security Architecture Revealed – Chuck Leaver

Written By Mike Hamilton And Presented By Ziften CEO Chuck Leaver


Endpoint security is really in vogue nowadays. And there are lots of various suppliers out there promoting their products in this market. However it’s often challenging to comprehend exactly what each supplier provides. What’s even more challenging is to comprehend how each vendor solution is architected to supply their services.

I believe that the back end architecture of whatever you select can have a profound effect on the future scalability of your execution. And it can develop lots of unanticipated work and costs if you’re not cautious.

So, in the spirit of transparency, and due to the fact that we believe our architecture is not the same, special and effective, we invite all end point security vendors to “reveal to us your architecture”.

I’ll get the ball rolling in the following video where I reveal to you the Ziften architecture, and a couple of what I think about tradition architectures for comparison. Particularly, I’ll talk about:

– Ziften’s architecture developed utilizing next gen cloud concepts.
– One business peer-to-peer “mish-mash” architecture.
– Tradition hub-spoke-hub architectures.

I have actually shown you the power of our genuinely cloud-based platform. Now it’s my rival’s turn. Come on folks – reveal to us your architectures!

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